Reinvention or Realization?


I used to write. I used to write a lot.  My blogs were smothered in hot pink, sparkles and musings from motherhood.  As I transitioned (aka. threw myself back in) to a full-blown career woman and working mom, I had less and less time and focus for my blog.  Eventually, I simply stopped renewing my domain name and let it go dark.

So here I sit on a Saturday morning staring at my new blog.  A product of that deep-seeded longing to reignite my personal brand and share stories, lessons and advice again.  This new creative outlet is a little less pink and a little less sparkly, but probably the most powerful platform I’ve ever rolled out. Why? What’s the difference this time?  

The difference is…. me.  Sure, I still have plenty to share when it comes to the goofy things I say to my kids or the choices I make while raising them, but I have evolved.  I am now a corporate executive.  A real C.O.O., and not just a C.B.S. (Chief Boogey Slinger).  I have also experienced a whole lot of life that the new-mom version of me could never see coming.  I am more confident, self-assured. More aware of how I show up in the world and past some of those major life milestones (e.g., I now know that I will certainly have two children…and no more.)

As I carefully chose my blog theme and page headings and re-launched all of my social media pages, I wrestled with one question: “Am I reinventing myself? Or am I simply in a place of self-realization? A new phase of understanding where I am in life today?”  I have firmly decided it is the latter.  I am not changing who I am or ignoring my inner sassy mama. I am understanding that there is now more to me.  And my new self can’t wait to get out there!

Now, excuse me. I have to go pour some bowls of Froot Loops, pick up puppy poop and ponder how on earth I am going to finish year-end financials today!

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