Refresh Your Personal Brand: 3 Things To Do Right Now!

Branding image_Jan2015

A new year is a perfect time to assess your personal brand and how you are showing up professionally. Doing this can help you achieve goals, such as attracting new opportunities and/or clients, or simply a better viewpoint. There are three steps I find myself taking each January, and they have proven to be helpful in my career and in pursuit of new projects.

Here’s 3 questions to ask yourself (and some helpful hints to get started):

1) Who am I? (More importantly, who do you think I am?)
When was the last time you Googled yourself? You may be amazed at what comes up. From outdated profile pictures to old accounts, blogs, or random updates that hang around the internet long after you have moved into a new phase of life.

Please, please, please get a professional headshot. LinkedIn is not Facebook or Twitter, and colleagues, recruiters and prospective connections will most certainly make assumptions about you based upon your photo. Why sell yourself short through a thumbnail photo and a search engine?

Spend an hour taking down old or unused profiles. Not only do they confuse your online persona if you’re all over the map, but old content or photos may detract from your current pursuits and interests.

2) So…how do I look?
While clothing, accessories, and grooming aren’t everything, they do put a bow on the package. Investing in a new statement piece may be a difference-maker when you walk into a room. You don’t have to study trends and spend a fortune on a new wardrobe every season, but new shoes, a jacket, or “current” jewelry can definitely garner subtle attention and send the message that you care about your look and have put some effort into it. Outward appearance is the easiest thing to refresh and typically has a huge impact.

Not sure where to start? Try fun new services like StitchFix, a personal styling service for women that sends hand-selected pieces right to your door. For men, try Trunk Club. Another fun-in-a-box service is Birch Box, a subscription for monthly samples of beauty products.

3) Hello. Remember me?
When was the last time you reached out to a former colleague, friend, client or boss? You may be completely surprised by the spider web of events that transpires just from a short “Hi, how is everything going? We should grab coffee.” People, by nature, crave connection and a sense of purpose. As we move through our lives and careers, we find new value in old or dormant relationships. Just as your lens on life and priorities are always evolving, so are those of your connections. So, rather than simply hitting the “connect” button, send a personal note and see where it leads.

Connect with me by leaving your tips and favorite refresh hacks below. Or tweet them to me @BrandiGreygor.

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