What Does Your Look Say About You?

We have all heard the phrase “You can’t judge a book by a cover.” While that is true, we live in a world of constant judgment and physical appearance can speak volumes before a word is ever spoken.

Let’s focus on the proverbial “cover”…clothing. Have you ever noticed how you feel in your clothing? More relaxed in pants without structure (hooray for sweats!) and more “on” in a suit?

Well, guess what? You feel differently which makes you carry yourself differently. You walk differently and even hold your head in different ways. All of these subtleties project a message about you to the world, and those you come in contact with read those messages before you even speak to them.

It is helpful to think of it this way when making wardrobe choices: “If I dress the part, then I will be the part.”

4 Tips For Making a Professional Statement

  1. Consider your “audience of the day”. Who will you be working with or running into? Can you get away with business casual or is a more formal look appropriate?
  2. Select clothing that are fit for your best self. If you feel more confident with a structured jacket, then wear one! If heels make you walk with a purpose, then put them on!
  3. Don’t forget to put on your smile. (And reapply throughout the day) Your facial expressions say a lot to those you have a conversation with. Starting with a smile says that you feel good about yourself.
  4. Sit up, stand tall, and make eye contact. Conveying a strong self-image is key for cultivating trust in your abilities.

You can follow my Pinterest board focused on clothing and accessory styles. Better yet, create one of your own!

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